Get Healthy and Slim for Summer!

Did you know that acupuncture can help support you in your weight loss goals?  Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, acupuncture can help to curb your appetite and cut down on cravings.  How?  It does so by balancing your natural feedback mechanism telling your brain that your stomach is full.  It can also boost your metabolism and improve digestion which helps the body work more efficiently to burn stored fat.  It improves circulation and blood flow to organs and muscles helping them function more efficiently.  Acupuncture also stimulates the release of serotonin which elevates your mood and helps to keep you focused to avoid emotional eating.  You will also be able to sleep better which means you will have more energy to keep up with your workouts!

Don’t procrastinate until June and then crash diet to fit into that swimsuit.  NOW is the time to start working on toning those arms, lifting that tush, and flattening that belly with healthy food choices, an exercise regimen and of course, acupuncture!

With so many reasons to incorporate acupuncture into your weight loss program, what are you waiting for??  Contact REMEDY NYC for more info!

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  • FIBER!  Fiber helps move foods along your digestive system and your colon to remain clean. Vegetables are very high in fiber: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, celery, kale, spinach, and squash are just a few examples.  Foods with fiber are a great choice because they provide long-lasting energy and a full feeling without the high calories.
  • Check out Broccoli! It’s a powerhouse of nutrition. One cup of chopped cooked broccoli supplies 90 percent of the daily requirement of beta carotene, 200 percent of vitamin C, and 25 percent of your fiber needs.  Broccoli is also one of the veggies that has been shown to help protect our bodies against certain forms of cancer.  All this for only 45 calories/cup!
  • Lightly steam your favorite veggies and eat with low-fat spreads such as hummus or yogurt dip. If you get bored with the same vegetables every night, shake things up by making them into a casserole or stuffing peppers.
  • Fruit can also provide much-needed fiber to your diet. Strawberries, apples, and oranges are well known for being rich in fiber. Fruits are some of the easiest foods to eat to lose weight – they taste good and are low in calories. If you choose to eat citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit), try eating the white membrane surrounding the fruit – that part has the highest fiber content. I f you are counting carbohydrates, go for low carbohydrate fruits such as berries.


  • Stay AWAY from processed grains or white rice, white bread, and cornmeal.  These are very high in calories and have next to ZERO nutritional value. Instead, choose whole grain foods in moderation. One slice of whole wheat bread with a scrambled egg (or 2 egg whites) is a nutritional breakfast.  Beware of bran muffins or any muffins for that matter – they are loaded with sugar and fat, and are just as calorie heavy as a doughnut.
  • STOP drinking soda!  This includes regular and diet sodas.  Although diet sodas have no calories, they do contain chemicals such as saccharin and aspartame which have potentially dangerous (cancerous) effects on your bladder and reproductive organs. Instead of drinking soda, choose water or teas.  If you can’t stand the taste of water, try diluting 100% fruit juice with plain seltzer for a healthy, low-calorie drink. Quick fact: If you replaced a 20oz bottle of soda with water daily… You would easily lose up to 35 pounds in one year.

Hit a plateau?

As humans, we can become creatures of habit – we run the same workout program on the treadmill or elliptical, take the same aerobics class, or pop in our favorite workout video throughout the week. As we continue our routine workouts, we begin to notice our muscles become less sore post-workout, we no longer lose our breath mid-routine, and our heart is not beating as hard as it was at the first workout. This result is due to our body’s ability to adapt structurally and physiologically to environmental stimuli. This adaptability is known as plasticity. Our body constantly seeks to become as efficient as possible, thus it won’t burn as much calories doing the same routine now as it did day one. That is why we can exercise, eat right and still not see the desired results on the scale.

In order to break through this weight loss plateau, increase the intensity of your workout and switch up your routine! Push yourself to gradually and safely modify your routine every few weeks to continue seeing the weight come off.  For more information and inspiration, check out this post in The Daily Love about breaking through the fitness plateau here.  We at Remedy LOVE LOVE LOVE TDL’s messages and think you should sign up for their daily love notes! 🙂

Need some ideas to switch up your routine? Here are some of our favorite workouts in NYC!

Stacy’s Bootcamp:  Sometimes, we need a little tough love. Enter Stacy Berman. Stacy’s back-to-basics approach (eg: just you and Central Park) and kick-your-ass variety of workouts is why Stacy’s Bootcamp remains one of New York’s top bootcamps for years!

SoulCylcle: Between the dim lights, the awesome music, and the constant encouragement from your instructor, you almost forget how much your thighs are burning.  SoulCycle will leave you walking out a little sweaty, a lot inspired, and completely addicted!

The Bar Method:  Love the lean, toned dancer’s body but not a dancer?  Try the bar method!  The low impact program located in Soho involves isometrics, dance conditioning, and interval training to sculpt your muscles.  Or you can purchase the DVD’s and get fit in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga to the People:  And if all else fails, we always have yoga. Yoga is a sure way to strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, and quiet your monkey mind. It’s Yoga to the People’s affordable, fun, and no-judgement zone atmosphere that makes it one of our favorite yoga studios in the city.

See y’all at the beach!

Remedy NYC