Remedy NYC is a comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice dedicated to supporting physical and emotional health through the use of acupuncture, natural herbs, acupressure, massage therapy and nutrition.  We have spent years immersed in the hands-on practical applications of this medicine and we’re passionate about its ability to produce positive, transformative changes.  We utilize TCM every day whether it be on our patients or on ourselves, and we are here to testify to its brilliant efficacy.  We LOVE Chinese medicine (can you tell?), and we look forward to guiding you to your optimal health.

New Yorkers are some of the most hardworking and career-oriented people in the world.  We work hard, and we play harder.  It’s not surprising that we often overlook how taxing the demands of our ambitious lifestyles can be on our mental, emotional and physical health.  By the time we experience pain, feel burnt out, and become seriously ill, we’ve already compromised our health and well-being.


Remedy NYC believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be considered a necessity, not a luxury.  We’re committed to the practice of preventative health and integrative medicine as the means to improving human health and well-being.  We provide treatments which address your current symptoms and conditions, but also aim to prevent future illness and injury.  Our natural and effective treatments will help you reach a greater awareness of the connection between your mind, body, spirit, thereby allowing you to reach your optimal health.