Tis the Season!

December is a joyful month of giving, sharing and showing generosity.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of the busiest and most stressful months as we race against the clock to cross off our to-do lists and ?nd that perfect present.  To counteract the stress, we overindulge in food and drink which expands our waistlines and creates even more stress.

This year, instead of spending money on holiday sweaters and fruitcake, we invite you to give (and receive) the lasting gift of good health and wellness!

**For new patients, we’d like to offer an introductory Initial Acupuncture Session for $100 ($125 value) in January.  That’s 25% off our regular price!
**For our regular patients, we’d like to thank you for your love and loyalty with a discount of 20% off every treatment you book in the month of January.

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Happy Holidays with Love!
Remedy NYC